BGM – Cute Mare Song | Chiptune

BGM gives us this cute and adorable song full of wonders! The feelings conveyed by the track is a mixture of joy and motivation, and how could it be otherwise, the music video is accompanied by our cute mares, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. The retro yet refreshing style invites you to dance and have good vibes. This song will definitely brighten the day and you can’t help but smile a little bit. With nostalgic square waves blaring happily, a catchy melody, drums setting the pace, and fast-paced arpeggios, you can really imagine this being the soundtrack to an excellent video game. But above all, you cannot deny the genius of the piece, I already love this song, so what are you waiting for! Go and listen to this gorgeous tune.

Koron Korak – DJ Scales and Tail | Hardstyle

Are you ready for the best rave in all Ponyville? Well, our friend Koron Korak is bringing us this totally awesome hardstyle banger, featuring the one and only DJ Scales and Tail! (a.k.a Spike the Dragon). Together, they’re inviting us to dance and celebrate all night long! The track starts with a punchy distorted kick that hits you right in the face, and some brutal vocal chops from tonight’s host. As the song progresses, an entire symphony of leads and synths come in to make the party even harder! The whole track will make you move and groove your pony body to the rapid rhythm of the beat. Although this song is a bit short, it’s a fantastic taste of what a pony rave should sound like. The only thing left to say is that this track is definitely SPIKED! (P.S. congrats for the 1k bro <3)


Violin Melody – So Many Wubs | Trance

Ok, who is ready for a colorful trip to the 90’s trance (with Ponies!)? In that case, prepare yourself for this cute and punchy song by Violin Melody. This track starts with a powerful kick and a very cool rhythm full of all kinds of percussion. From the beginning we can feel the whole vibe of this song–suddenly (as if the sky was opening) we can hear some cool vocal chops from our favorite pony, Fluttershy, accompanied by a cute arp as well. This song is full of nostalgic feelings, and I can easily imagine this song being played in a rave full of ponies and pegasi dancing together! After an energetic and gritty lead that makes a good contrast with the little arp, we get a little break, and it’s like the song is breathing before heading higher up in the sky. Then it releases an explosion of color with more vocal chops and a very inspiring and nostalgic chord progression. I’m doing my best, but I can’t fully describe the awesomeness of this song! Violin Melody always provides us with professional quality songs that resonate with our souls, and this one is no exception, so check it out! I’m sure you will find a pleasant surprise with this track!


SpinScissor – Every Year | Alternate Electronic / Breakcore

Who does not miss that unique style of the cool and old internet times? well, Inspired in the good glamour of SoGreatandPowerful’s PMVs, My best fella, SpinScissor delivered us this magnific and nostalgic track about the coolest pony in all of ponyville. You guessed it! Rainbow Dash. The track begins with some rhodes that for just a few moments, resemble the of so iconic main theme of the series, man, you know this gonna be epic. Then and suddenly, we hear some great vocal chops accompanied with cool and glitchy breaks and a gritty bassline. The whole track is a vibe, full with all kinds of wonders, some fresh piano chords and a truly beautiful message at the end from SpinScissor. Please, do not hesitate and listen to this 20% cooler song!


Power Note – Faithful | Melodic Drumstep

Power Note brings us this incredible and completely emotional track about Twilight Sparkle and her duty to be the new princess in equestria! The song unfolds with a somewhat melancholic and delicate piano, an arpeggio is heard, accompanying the nostalgic chords that the piano is marking. Little by little more instruments are introduced including spirited drums and a synthesizer. After a brief pause where only the piano remains for a moment, we get a slow buildup that persists as if it represents an unreachable past. Then we hit the exciting, nostalgic drop, conveying a feeling of epic melancholy, with an aggressive dubstep bass, vocal chops from Twilight’s voice , powerful leads, energizing battery and an enveloping melody. The whole track reminds me a lot of the songs of the golden era of the bronies, and is a truly faithful ode to the show – so please check it out!


[Helpie’s Corner] Altius Volantis – Retrospection | Synthwave

You have accidentally traveled to the past, now you are in 1980, but it is not a problem, because you have finally found a perfect place to find yourself again and do retrospection on your decisions. Well, this would be the perfect soundtrack for such a situation.

Altius Volantis transports us to the past with his newest song, during the first seconds of the song you can feel all the eighties air, with the reverberated drums and the primitive synthesizers that dominated that era. Little by little, it surrounds us with airy pads that gradually dominate the song, until in a moment they fall silent and make way for a new synthesizer that makes a sticky but dark melody, little by little those pads that were echoes of the past return to appear to harmonize with the nostalgic melody, it is quite a journey, undoubtedly the soundtrack of some science fiction movie of the 80s, but with ponies as protagonists!

This song is just a preview for the upcoming album Helpie’s Corner: “Shelter of Hope”.


AC-527 – Diamond in the Rough | Melodic Dubstep

Don’t get afraid to get dirty with this song!, AC-27 gives us a splendid melodic track. Inspired by how glamorous and elegant Rarity is, (our favorite marshmallow), throughout the track you can feel all that characteristic shine of Rarity, occupying all kinds of synthesizers and bright sounds, with very emotional and catchy melodies, even occupying the voice of Rarity in the 26th episode of the classic and nostalgic season 1, but AC-27 puts a sensational twist on it with an autotune effect, which gives a special feel to the whole song. Like a diamond in the rough on a nostalgic journey full of shine, listen.

This song is quite an experience, a great and brilliant experience, do not hesitate to listen to it!


Bumpy Beatz – Hypnosis | Chillout

Beautiful, simply beautiful. “Hypnosis” the new piece composed by Bumpy Beatz, it is spectacular, the title does not lie, it is really hypnotic. It is perfect for a sleepless night, to focus on studying, or to have a drink while you relax. It has a good selection of instruments, such as the semi-filtered drums, which gives a slightly more intimate tone to the piece, or the soft chords, like the murmur of a cat, really fascinating, but what I like the most about the song, it is undoubtedly the voice. Beautiful, simply beautiful…

Take a look and support this not much recognized, but really talented artist.


Captive Unicorns x Somasis – Starsailor | Ambient Pop / Post Breakcore

The fruit of an amazing collaboration, Captive Unicorns and Somasis envelop us in the nocturnal atmosphere of their song, like a blues in the light of the moon, the sweet piano and synthesizer chords guide us through the piece, the beautiful voices of Captive Unicorns becomes present, singing about the maternal love of the moon, after a melodic segment, a wonderful part appears where the amen break harmonizes with the voice giving an amazing atmosphere to the song, simply beautiful …
Consider purchasing this song, all proceeds will be donated in support of the black lives matter movement.

Vylet Pony – Cozy Pone | Lo-fi Hip-Hop

Vylet Pony’s new track “Cozy Pone” is nothing short of spectacular and invitingly comfortable, let yourself be carried away by the smooth chords, hypnotic hip hop drums and ukulele solo part that plays from time to time in the piece. The video of this song is also animated by no one other than the Vylet Pony, which turned out great and it all together gives it a spectacular and harmonious air, but I already talked too much, just relax and remember the good times, let yourself go home, to the times where everything was a little bit simpler…