Tw3Lv3 – You can’t let one bad apple make you think you failed. | Lo-fi

A genre I don’t listen to enough, Tw3Lv3 has released a very laid back and soothing LoFi song, with the crackle and grit one should expect from the genre which blends quite well with the lounge-like melody and its deep and punchy bassline. Even the visuals harken back to the old age and helps immerse the listener even more. This is one where I can kick back, close my eyes and think back on life. An excellent job Tw3Lv3!


BlueBrony – Shivering Heart | Chillout

A heart beat stirs.
As chimes ring out to an eerie and mysterious calling. It is cold, It is foreboding. A chill is present in the void as life sighs out a slow, soft breath.
BlueBrony has done it again with “Shivering Heart” A very inspiring soundscape based from the MLP season 9 episode “Sweet and Smoky”. This track imagines how the baby dragons from the episode felt during their cold slumber from within their eggs and I must say its quite a clever concept done amazingly well! Its the little things from the show that still get me. From such small thoughts come great things!


Evgeniy Doctor – Shards Of Memory EP | Various Genres

A new stunning and complete experience from Evgeniy Doctor, this 4-tracks EP is quite heartfelt as it is a tribute to the impending closing of FiM (but remember, not of MLP nor the community!). Of various genres, the tracks made with love are expressing much emotion, from the Ambient Magia Ex that builds the epic experience to come, to the Psytrance Last Minutes that is almost 8 minutes long, to the deep Voices Of The Past that is a collab with One Track Mind, to a powerful Orchestral finale in Time To Become Infinite. Both very impressive and conveying much feelings, this whole EP is a masterpiece!
Shards Of Memory EP is available from both Bandcamp and Mediafire!


Tw3Lv3 – Starlight’s Dream | Lo-fi

Tw3Lv3’s latest piece is of pure beauty, reminding of other beat-driven atmospheric chill pieces such as Hay Tea’s. What’s more, it’s sampling that certain scene with Luna appearing in Starlight’s Dream, and it’s so perfectly integrated into the mix, making for a new experience of the scene, empowered by the music! Also check out Tw3Lv3’s other recent piece, Long Live The King!


[P@D] MEQA & Arturo Höst – Amniomorphic Spell | Neurohop / IDM

Hot off the press from Ponies at Dawn: Skyward, we have been gifted with a mesmerizing piece. Opening with a very chill and laid back mood with subtle intricacies and an excellent sound stage there is an air of regal intelligence that is buttery smooth and by contrast the switchup in the song’s climax to Neurohop is down surprisingly well and hits home very hard and heavy while still blending in the atmospheric vibes of the rest of song. Excellent job MEQA and Arturo! Definitely a highlight of the album in my eyes!


The Experimental Bronies & – Out of Limit 4: The Philosophy of Time | Compilation Album | Experimental

The Experimental Bronies have once again teamed up with to release their fourth entry in the Out of Limit project! There is plenty of interesting and unique tunes by several artists in this one ranging from more ambient and mysterious tracks to dark and filthy tracks as well as some good ol’ hardcore tracks. Viricide Filly’s track, Seconds Into Centuries, I Let My Hair Grow was one of my favourites and I go more in detail with it in the above post, however there are many other cool gems such as Smallish Season by Detra x Danger, which is a very intriguing and groovy twist on lo-fi and hip hop-esque music while Tripon’s Cascade is a very energetic and complex neurofunk style track with their signature style with some complex sampling and abstract design decisions that make for a refreshing listen. All in all if you’re tired of hearing the ‘same old, same old’ and looking for something odd and refreshing, has just what you are looking for!


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 9 Trailer Theme (Lorris Edit) | Orchestral

It definitely has been a ride, huh? Who would have thought how far we would have gone ten years ago? What started as a joke on a forum board has blossomed into something truly magical and the raw talent, creativity, and quality that came with it will never be replaced. The trailer to the final season for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic had a heart wrenching rendition of the main theme of the show which Lorris has decided to take a step further with an Orchestral edit to flesh out that emotion and help envision our trip down memory lane. I absolutely love what he did here and this will truly take you back to where it all began!


[Out Of Limit 4] Viricide Filly – Seconds Into Centuries, I Let My Hair Grow | Downtempo / Experimental

From’s hottest compilation to date, Viricide has submitted their prowess for plucky, glitchy ambiances with this track. This one is not for the weak of heart! Soothing, yet harsh; loose, yet constricted. The passage of time is a complex one and this track is full of little intricacies and design choices that really showcase what is all about! Don’t forget to check out the rest of Out of Limit 4: The Philosophy of Time for more abstract and interesting songs, trust me, its really worth the time!


BlueBrony – Yona Sing Sad Song | Lo-fi

Anytime BlueBrony releases a new track, you never know what you’re going to get – from funk to steampunk pop to orchestral pop to lo-fi, it’s an adventure and a half for your ears! Yona Sing Sad Song is a wonderfully creative take on Yona’s brief tune of depression from “She’s All Yak” put to an amazing soundscape that only BlueBrony could think of! The instrumentation really evolves throughout the course of the track, making it one you definitely need to check out!


Hay Tea & Age Of Vinyl – Downpour | Liquid Drum & Bass

Hay Tea and Age Of Vinyl are at it again! Downpour has an incredible outpouring of emotion right from the get go and the balance of energy and weight is astounding! The subtle vibrance and ambiances that support this track have such a deep and profound sound to them and the whole song with its meticulous melodies and whimsical harmonies flow like water. This power duo never disappoints and its always a journey seeing what comes next!