TheTaze & Tw3Lv3 – Daylight Savings Time | Lo-fi

The lo-fi ride never ends. Track 16 on Tw3Lv3‘s debut album Release shows an instrumental collab between him and TheTaZe. Along with the familiar elements you’d come to expect with lo-fi music such as a distorted sample and a smooth beat, TaZe adds a few new pieces to the plate, such as a catchy synth as well as a strong bassline. The song closes out with the sudden sound of tape slowing down, giving it a retro feel. Be sure to check out the rest of the album!


The Empty Tomb – Emotions | Lo-fi

“Emotions” is right. The Empty Tomb keeps coming out with new releases, and this one might be their best yet. The track is centred around a filtered sample of what could either be a guitar or a piano set to a smooth beat accented by the sound of water droplets and a moving body of water. While it may be short, there’s nothing but melancholy lo-fi goodness to be found here.


Tw3Lv3 – Release | Album | Lo-fi

The debut album from the fandom’s lo-fi giant Tw3Lv3 is finally here! It has 20 tracks, some of which will be familiar if you follow his channel, such as Old Vibes, Starlight’s Dream, Canterlot Suburb, Tsukimi and so on. Quite a few of the songs are collabs with other producers, such as TheTaze, Steryotype, Power Note and Astral. A couple guest vocalists also appear, such as ShobieShy on the vocal version of Starlight’s Dream, and MC Arch on the closing track I Will Still Think About You. Standout tracks are Memorias for its catchiness, Autumn Breeze (featuring The Empty Tomb) because of the chilled out nature, as well as the aforementioned Tsukimi, Under the Rain and I Will Still Think About You, which displays Arch’s singing abilities really well! Overall, this album is nothing short of fantastic, and an amazing debut that’s well worth the wait. Pick it up when you can!


Tw3Lv3 – Under the Rain | Lo-Fi

Tw3Lv3 never stops, does he? Track 6 from Release, this 5 minute long number sets off with a chilled out lo-fi vibe as we’ve come to expect from him. A melodic bassline carries the song along with soft yet erratic drums in front of orchestral-esque synths and the sound of falling rain. Grab yourself a blanket and some hot chocolate, because the rain is coming. Stay warm!


Ponytronic – Circadian Sleep | Chillout

Ponytronic has a penchant for making creepy-sounding music also sound chilled out. This one in particular is the 5th and final track off their recently released EP, Phantasm. Much of the music here consists of a dark melody played by soft synths with a deep bass in the background as well as a strong drum pattern, perfect for the Nightmare Night season. Check out the EP for more great tracks!


[P@D] Totalspark – You (feat. Namii) | Garage

Nearing the tail end of Ponies at Dawn: Eternal with track 69 is a collab between Totalspark and Namii. It’s a beautiful garage song with plenty of atmosphere, all brought together with heavy reverb, soft piano chords and a duet between the two musicians. Both of their voices fit the song perfectly while being backed by a subtle drum beat which acts as a great supplement to the rest of the track, also making a great fit in the very last segment of the album, bringing it all down to a gentle simmer.


Vylet Pony – Familiar Feelings (feat. Chi Chi) | Chill Hop

I’m sure everyone of us have been there at least once. Feeling the sense of déjà vu,  or the feeling that you’ve lost something precious to you that you can’t ever get back. Vylet Pony’s new track, Familiar Feelings captures those feelings all too well. Without spoiling the story of song too much, here is a rhetorical question: Have you lost a good friend before, due to any disagreements and only find out after the fact that it’s too late to make amends?
Chi Chi’s voice acting and vocals goes perfectly with the overall emotional undertones of the song. It’s almost as if you are experiencing the drama unfold right beside the familiar characters you’ve known and loved. Go give this a listen, and have some paper towels nearby. Excellent work from Vylet Pony and Chi Chi yet again!


GeekBrony – Eager To Explore | Soundtrack

A track part of the OST of the in-development fan game PoniGame, Eager To Explore gives that “Town of Beginning” vibe with that longing for adventuring in a newfound world, with hopes in your eyes, excitement about meeting your future party members, and an unbreakable will to see what’s wrong til it’s right! Definitely a beautiful composition and comfy atmosphere!


Vylet Pony – Colourless | Solo Piano

There’s no stopping Vylet, is there? Track 14 from her album Love Letters: Colourless as well as the title track, it’s an emotional instrumental piece. Consisting of just a piano and the sounds of rain, it perfectly accents the diary entry included with the album, describing Rainbow Dash’s feelings for Rarity as she listens to a piece of music entitled Mistress, said to be written by the latter (though in reality was written by Vylet, and appeared on the Love Letters album). Sometimes you don’t need words to get your message across.