Mylo the Kidd – Hello | Lo-Fi Hip-Hop


You might remember Mylo the Kidd from their verse in sad hors hours — which was absolute fire. Since then they’ve been silent, but just came back with this killer song. Their flow is impeccable and they deliver some lines in a way that seems impossible to pull off, but saves them at the last second. This style keeps the listener on their toes (hooves?) and it complements the equally interesting lyrics. The production is a clean, chill lo-fi loop that leaves a lot of room for the rapping. Welcome back Mylo.


MandoPony – Long Way From Equestria (Brilliant Venture & xRILLZEW’s Festival Bootleg) | Melodic Dubstep


Brilliant Venture and xRILLZEW have, as an exclusive bonus track to Brilliant Venture’s album “Legacy: In the Mix”, revoiced an early brony song from the classic duo of MandoPony and AcousticBrony. The two take the original rock piece and infuse it with a base of electronic drums redolent of melodic dubstep. They accompany the melancholic strumming of the original with a medley of faint synth arpeggios and chords. And in a final chorus, they make vocal chops out of the lyrics of the original. The changes in this bootleg create a complex Trip-Hop/Electronica structure that makes this song a unique progressive gem.


Steryotype – ’05 EP | Lo-fi

A month after his ’04 EP, Steryotype has released his second EP of the year, as well as the second EP from his Till ’10 EP Collection! Just like the last one, this EP consists of 10 lo-fi tracks with samples taken from old records, mostly from the 60s and 80s. While none of the tracks contain original lyrics, they utilise their samples in a unique fashion, some of which taking on a strong hip-hop influence. My personal favourite tracks are StuffStartinToHitDifferentNowadays, IStartedToCry, DoneWrong and You’veBlessedMeForever; Stuff features a chilled atmosphere while feeling naturally aged, serving as a grand way to open this collection, while the other three combine hip-hop drums with the prominent samples at a perfect balance. In times like these, you’re probably looking for something calm and chilled out. Why not spin this a few times?


Yanamosuda – Stay With Me | Jazz

This track, short and sweet, is genuinely one of the most refreshing pieces I’ve listened to recently. The audible influences behind this song search far and wide to create a unique composition reminiscent of a multitude of different sounds. The piece commences with an atmospheric introduction composed of reflective, ambient chords and lo-fi drums. But it’s then to be interrupted by a heavy snare roll which introduces the RnB-like riffs of the bass guitar and the fusion-y electric piano chords. The verse, which also contains a spacious saxophone, evokes a very present contemporary jazz flavor in the song. Unique compositions like this should not go unrecognized, have a listen!


Ponytronic – Yet, You Don’t Care | Chillout

Ponytronic is on a roll. Yet, You Don’t Care is a trippy and cathartic track featuring rapid synth sounds and cute vocal sounds in front of a chill drum track. This track’s happy demeanour is more of a mask in front of its true meaning: going through the trauma of past love as the dark feelings slowly begin to take over. I’m sure we’ve all gone through something like this before. As Ponytronic requests, if you’ve got anyone you care about in your life, cherish them, especially in these trying times.


TheTaZe – Winter Is Almost Over | Chill-Hop

TheTaZe returns with more chill vibes. The follow-up to his earlier track Summer’s Almost Over, this one keeps the lo-fi hip hop leitmotif and creating something new. Behind the lovely and chilled out synth lines and filtered guitar sample are relaxing ambient sounds of nature and a running stream of water, indicating the inevitable return of Spring. As the cold clutches of Winter finally loosen up, the warm embrace of Spring welcomes us in.


Nicolas Dominique – Beauty of the Night | Chillout

Nicolas Dominique’s songs are always journeys. Beauty of the Night is one of contemplation of the moonlit night. The cute bells evoke space and the plucks can be perceived as a star sparkling sound effect, making it feel as though we could hear the sound of stars. Then, when the middle section hits, a softer segment comes forth, only to crescendo back to the intensity of the first part. It seems the artwork has been chosen with great care, as the bright full moon’s light resonates with the unexpected energy coming from a chillout song.