Ardeleiz – Lunar Eclipse II (Covering Frozen Night) | Ambient Rock

A soft and delightfully ambient guitar cover of Frozen Night’s Lunar Eclipse II, this new release by Ardeleiz brings such blissful early Pink Floyd vibes as well as a deep atmosphere that feels fitting for life on the moon.


OrchestralPony – Crystal Empire Suite | Orchestral

OrchestralPony delivers such a stunning ode to the Crystal Empire in the form of a 25-minutes Orchestral suite! It calls back to BGMs and musical themes from the show and a lot of thought has been put into each part of the suite, check out the description for more details! Also do check out the previous pony tributes that the musician made, including their Ponyville Suite and Canterlot Suite!


Brownie – Smile (Pinkie Pie Smile Metal Cover) | Metal


Brownie has an incredible talent for metalcore composition, and this cover of the Smile Song is a great example of his range. Starting out in more of a pop-punk style to match the lightness of the original song, Brownie transitions into metal while playing impressively technical guitar riffs over fast, moving drums. The track features a fantastic metalcore breakdown before bringing all of the styles together for the big finish. Brownie went all out to even make a music video featuring his many play-styles with great effects and humorous scenes.


Rockin’Brony – Open Your Eyes (covering Aviators) | Soft Rock

The immensely talented Rockin’Brony comes through with an exceedingly well-done cover of Aviators’ fandom classic, Open Your Eyes! With some flourishes to enhance the cover, an increased electric guitar presence, and a subtle and ethereal synthesizer at the song’s climax, the cover is very much in the spirit of the original while adding Rockin’Brony’s flavor to make it his own.


Arabesque Sympony – Jolly Ol Saint Nick (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Big Band

Arabesque Sympony shows off his clever musical skills in this track covering Spike’s feature from the MLP Holiday Album. The jazzy, swingin’ piece is recomposed brilliantly, allowing the bright brass tones to shine through, but not so much that it distracts from Sympony’s wonderful vocals. He even subtly adds Spike’s original vocals in at the end as a great accent to the track!


Osoch – One More Day (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Metal

To celebrate the holiday season, Osoch has graced us with a high-charged, metal version of One More Day from the “Best Gift Ever” special. He orchestrates the instrumental around the vocals from the show and does so very well! The guitars are crisp and pack a punch while the drums drive the beat very well (and impress with powerful double kicks at times!). Of course it wouldn’t be holiday music without some violins which Osoch uses as the perfect accent to bring everything together!


The Seapony Orchestra – Hearthswarming | Album | Orchestral

Christmas might be over, but The Seapony Orchestra just released a new album to keep your holiday spirit burning! Opening with a jazzy tune, the album mainly features orchestral pieces (including renditions of Corelli and Tchaikovsky pieces) and some are truly touching. Welcome to Equestria interpolates many tunes from the show, for example, and leaves you with an enchantingly warm feeling. Perfect music for sitting by the fireplace and bonding with your friends!


Koron Korak – Pony Killer (Turbo Killer Parody) | Synthwave

Koron never ceases amazing us! After the very creative and artistic Vicious Circle until inner Emptiness, it’s time for yet another unique display of creativity and talent alike, with a ponified cover of Carpenter Brut’s Turbo Killer, full of personal meanings! You are pony killer… Pinkamena’s words from her mouth, amazingly animated in the video, are setting the atmosphere for such an intense and delightfully dark cover that showcases Koron’s skill at violin, expertly covering the original melodies through the instrument always making for much emotion! The whole video includes live action footage as well and it’s all such a stunning work of art, and tribute to Pinkamena Diane Pie aka Pinkie!


Rockin’Brony – Open Up Your Eyes (2018 Redux) (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Symphonic Metal

Here we go for another up-to-date cover from Rockin’Brony, showcasing such vocal talent as well as a complete Symphonic Metal rearrangement of the epic and emotional Open Up Your Eyes! Much emotion to be had once more in this splendid cover, amping up the power of the chorus with blissful guitars, strings, and vocals from Rockin’Brony!


Rockin’Brony – For The New Lunar Republic (Covering Not A Clever Pony) | Symphonic Metal

Bronycon’s master shredder goes old school in this intense tribute to a legendary fandom classic! Keeping close to iamnotacleverpony’s dramatic, orchestral opening, Rockin’ introduces his own intense flavor of metal guitar riffs about a minute into the track. While staying true to the original For the New Lunar Republic, this cover is very much its own style and take, utilizing an 80s synth and refreshing bass nicely throughout the track. Of course, no Rockin’Brony track is complete without a mind-blowing guitar solo and ever-intensifying drums! Make sure to check this song out for a powerful trip down memory lane!