Sable Symphony – Soar | Post-Hardcore

As a nostalgic nod to early community songs made toward the moving setting of Scootaloo’s character, Sable Symphony composed a much enjoyable tribute to the not-so-young anymore filly in his own style. Going for a heavy and fitting Post-Hardcore direction, the musician also graces the song with both soft and harsh vocals, bringing out the concept and the lyrics with much energy and beauty.


PrinceWhateverer – Yūgure no Kagayaki (feat. Sable Symphony) | Rock / Metal

Inspired by shonen anime OP/opening songs, the unstoppable PrinceWhateverer teamed up with Sable Symphony once more for a rocking collab. Imbued with a concept written in the description, the song definitely gives much energetic anime vibes, the kind of spirit that makes you confident that you’ll be able to save the world with your friends, through Prince’s vocals and instrumental as well as Sable’s backing vocals that all do wonders.


UCDP Brony – Luna’s Cake (feat. Arthur Raulin) | Progressive Rock

UCDP Brony’s latest track happens to be about Luna and some Cake! A fantastic song all around featuring quality drum work and radical guitar riffs. The song also includes a great guitar solo from Arthur Raulin. With inspirations from the likes of Dream Theater and 4/3 de Trio, UCDP Brony has created a wonderful track with a cute story! UCDP Brony produced this song for the French Pony Music Awards 2017.



Sable Symphony – Do I Deserve Your Forgiveness? | Rock

Sable Symphony has given us an amazing Rock track. In complete honesty, I am pretty stunned at how good this is. I personally love guitar plays like these. Together with very hard hitting Lyrics which I myself can very appreciate. It’s good to see Diamond Tiara getting some attention for once. This song shows that Bullies have feelings too, and that Villains are just victims whose stories haven’t been told. So just like Sable, she deserves some Respect and love. And of course, Forgiveness. Because there is no love without forgiveness, and no forgiveness without love. ❤


Quicksilver – Malefactor | Punk Rock

The opener track of a new EP from Quicksilver dropping this weekend, Malefactor has a resolutely Punk theme conducted masterfully in a Punk Rock arrangement not lacking of Hard Rock vibes. A musical homage to Gilda’s point of view in her debut episode Griffon the Brush Off from S1, the song definitely expresses her feelings with force using the power of rock music and it is such a delight!


Gryphon Rush – Born On The Rock Farm | Album | Rock

Russian band Gryphon Rush releases their debut album that is one great mix of well performed old-school hard rock!

The production quality on the album is very good, good enough for a hard rock album! Focusing on a dedication to the brony fandom, Gryphon Rush’s vocalist, Lynch transfers a great energy to the songs, the guitar riffs also done by Lynch are also well performed. Abadakus’s mixing and mastering, gives to the album that production quality that I’ve tell you before. The drums performance done by Wave is also very good, giving the good rhythm to the album. This also plus the mix with songs sung in English and songs sung in Russian make this album an international masterpiece, putting once again the Russian pony music scene to the top! As rock listener this album have various genres that fans of Iron Maiden, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Yardbirds and Lynyrd Skynyrd will love it! The album is available on YouTube in full version or in separate tracks. Also you have the full thing for download on bandcamp!

You can download the album on Gryphon Rush’s Bandcamp page, or you can stream the album as a whole or track-by-track on their YouTube channel.


Lectro Dub – Turn Into You (demo) | Hard Rock

From the Unfinished Business album full of other demo tracks, Turn Into You is a delightful Hard Rock gem like we’re not used to see in this community, about the Changelings and working awesomely as an anthem of sorts. Both the riffs and the lead guitar solo are top-grade headbanging material and it is truly wonderful to get tracks like these in the community too. Hard Rock is not dead!!