[ASOS] Painters & Poets – Everything Here | Acoustic

Today we’ve got ourselves another song from Chocolate, Painters and Poets bring us this great Acoustic track. The song starts with just the guitar for a bit until the lyrics start and later we get a beautiful lead guitar solo. The lyrics tell us that we have to try to make something great from what we have and that we have everything we’ve ever wanted right here and we just have to discover it. And on a more personal note some of the lines really made my eyes water up simply because of how beautiful this song is and how much nostalgia it brings to me, back in the day when my parents had a CD full with songs like this one when we drove into another country for our vacation and I hold those memories so dear.


[Equinity] Proto_ssin – Should I | Liquid Drum & Bass

This version differs slightly from that found on Equinity 03: Breach where it was originally released and better displays what the producer had in mind. Proto_ssin’s concept is better explained in their own words: “Luna has trouble fitting in. [This is] an untold story of when she visited her Nighmare Moon statue, [as she gained] thoughts. What do you think those thoughts are”? This backstory is lost in a stream chat from months ago yet shines light on the creative choices taken, and in particular the glitchy ending. That story is told using reflective melodies and plucks as well as great drum sample choices.


Neu KatalYst – C R A Y O N S | EBM

Fandom veteran Neu KatalYst produced a song for Pinkamena Party’s latest album: FLUTTERSHY’S PARADOXICALLY SOFT HARDCORE TEA PARTY. This track is impressive, especially considering it is their first published in this genre. Sections featuring headbang-inducing drums and a heavy bassline are linked together by glitchy transitions. On top of that are vocals about the power of creation given by crayons with a particularly catchy chorus.


[ASOS] Nicolas Dominique – Centuries Passed Away | Trance

Today we’ve got ourselves another ASOS: Chocolate track, this one is a trance track by Nicolas Dominique. The track immediately starts out with full power and continues on just as awesome. A bit later the beat calms down a bit just to build back up shortly after. This track stays the same for most of its runtime and with that is perfect as background music for working on whatever you need to finish and at least have a bit of fun doing it.


MelodyBrony – Stay | Punk Rock

MelodyBrony quickly became one of my favorite rock artists in the fandom, and for good reason. He has a knack for genuine, heartfelt lyrics and this song is a shining example of that spirit. The message is something I personally relate with, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoyed the little homage within a certain line. While a little on the short side, the track gets its meaning across without overstaying its welcome; it being that things are still alive and kicking. A deserving member of the repeat-button club


Pinkamena Party – FLUTTERSHY’S PARADOXICALLY SOFT HARDCORE TEA PARTY | Compilation Album | Breakcore

Ladies ‘n’ gents, prepare yourself mentally, for an event regarding Pinkamena Party Crew’s new release, FLUTTERSHY’S PARADOXICALLY SOFT HARDCORE TEA PARTY! And what better way to peruse this album’s contents than to let the familiar name and voice of Venetian Snares guide you through the first track, Venetian Snares Teaches Fluttershy the Magic of Breakcore by Fetlocked? Fluttershy’s melodic lines in the aforementioned piece is immediately followed by the ambient, electronica-esque track first time under by cataidana & Enny Gima. For more of that sweet electronica nectar, follow up first time under with the Downtempo track Anti Depressants by Srgt. Moon. If noise is in your roster, check out the ambient noise track Feeding Antoine by So?ing Machine. Satisfy your natural cravings for syncopation with the Think-Break-populated, frantic masterpiece HACKD HAS BEEN TRAPPED IN A TIME LOOP SINCE BUCK 2014 AND LIFE & DEATH HAVE LOST ALL MEANING FOR HE SHALL KNOW THE RELIEF OF NEITHER by mycutiemarkisagun. Personally, I think the song would fare better with a longer title, but to each their own. Speaking of length, Heart & Blood by Xinovah is an eleven minute long piece containing haunting, goosepimple-giving melodies, lively gabber kicks, and even more hectic rhythms. To cut up the poignancy of Heart and Blood, you can subsequently listen to Kakofonous A. Dischord delete a message from a toy shop employee. And there is no better way to conclude the mania of the 29-track beaut that is this album, than to listen to asmr tea party with a magician by 16194. As always, proceeds from this album are donated to a worthy cause. This time around, it’s various organizations fighting for racial justice in the U.S.


[ASOS] Dropper Vampire – Broken Soul | House

Today we got ourselves some more Sugar in the form of Dropper Vampire’s new big room house masterpiece Broken Soul and contrary to what you might believe after reading the title this is not a sad song, it’s actually a rather upbeat song. It already starts out with some awesome house tunes and no sign of calming down insight… at least until the beat suddenly stops and the lovely lyrics begin closely followed by a hook so catchy you can’t do anything but dance. After some lovely sample tunes the beat builds up until it once more transitions into the state of 120% cool. Suddenly the beat calms down a lot and slowly starts building up again with lyrics until we once more transition into the hook. After some more singing the beat builds up a last time. Now let’s focus on the lyrics for a second: The lyrics are essentially about someone in a relationship that broke and it really had a deep impact on the singer who seems angry at her partner.


[ASOS] Voltex Pixel & Cynifree & Paloris – Flame To Fire | Melodic Dubstep

Today we have yet another Sugar post, this time Voltex Pixel, Cynifree and Paloris have come together to bring us this amazing Melodic Dubstep track that is sure to lift your spirits. This song is about the friendship of Spike and Smolder and starts out with a beat and some samples and slowly adds more beats, it slowly begins building up and eclipses in the hook with some completely different and yet similar beats. After the hook the song becomes simpler but immediately starts adding more beats and building up again until the catchy hook plays once more. This track no matter if you like dubstep, no matter if you like melodic tracks will make you move you head along to the beat and make you dance as soon as the hook hits.


[ASOS] Voltex Pixel & Camelia – Stuck In The Cloud | Future House

Welcome everypony to A State of Sugar: Chocolate, the newest album from our friends over at Cider Party. For now we’ve got ourselves a lovely house track by Voltex Pixel. The track starts out amazing and believe me when I say it gets even better! I personally love all things horse house but even if you don’t, this track is going to make you dance either way. Voltex Pixel also keeps his near PMV style music videos with various artworks of, in this case Fluttershy and gameplay from ‘Them’s Fightin Herds’. This track is sure to lift your spirits with its happy upbeat tune and the combination of Future House and Future Bounce makes for an amazing dance track.


Altius Volantis – Scars I Used To Wear | Ambient

Today we’ve got ourselves a deep song by Altius Volantis. According to himself this is the most personal song he ever made and you can hear that in the track. The song starts out with thunder and a piano that slowly gets louder and is sure to drive a chill down your spine, another piano joins in and now it’s clearly audible how much heart went into this song. The song gets increasingly more complicated with more instruments joining in but still keeps the chilling tone and you can hear your own scars rising to the song. This song will bring out the scars all of us live with an reminds us not only of their existence but also of how we lived with them and overcame them and shows us no matter how big your scars have no matter what effect they have on you and others you will overcome them.