Pinkamena Party – GABBA-CA​-DABRA FOR PONIES | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

It’s Nightmare Night, and the Pinkamena Party crew got a bag full of treats for you all to savor, in the form of a compilation album themed for the occasion and featuring Abra-ca-dabra on the cover art! The contributing musicians did awesome venturing in the roads less traveled once again, while having heaps of fun, and you can definitely hear it! Gabber, play on pony vocals, experimental endeavors, eerie atmospheres, ambient adventures… So many lovely initiatives are so wonderful to see, as we celebrate the shenanigans of this spooky night along with everypony on the album! And if you missed the live release party, you can watch the recording of it!

Aside – Music for the Headless Horse III | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

For Nightmare Night, we can always count on the #1 pony music label venturing in the obscure and dark musical roads less traveled, to bring us something tasty to bite! The organizers went all-out and so did the contributing musicians who deliver many treats and creative musical experiences to savor while trick and treating. Many familiar faces as well as regulars of the experimental music scene had fun joining and partaking in the madness for all kinds of spooks and silent walks in dark forests and abandoned amusement parks, empowering the experiences with the power of music! Get the album from Bandcamp here, check out the recording of the live release party here, follow’s Twitter to stay updated, and go follow all the contributing musicians too!


Ponyville Ciderfest – 2019 Official Convention Album | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Ponyville Ciderfest, the MLP:FiM convention coming up this week in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has just released a new compilation album featuring many of the musicians that will perform at the big concert! This year, the convention is holiday-themed and several of the songs on this album are new or remastered holiday tracks! The range of music is extremely diverse and flows very nicely from start to finish. Here are just a few of the many highlights on the album.

The first track is an unreleased song from Vocal Score and really sets the stage for the whole CD. Extremely festive and flowing beautifully into The Heart Carol from the original Hearth’s Warming Episode.

Prince Whateverer makes a few appearances on the Holiday Album, most notably with his new metal cover of the classic, Nightmare Night. John Kenza and loophoof, who will be performing a back-2-back together, feature remixes of each other’s songs. Galen of the Wonderbolts band and Brilliant Venture release brand new holiday hits. MC Arch also has a brand new and powerful track entitled Oathkeeper.

Other well-recognized names include 4everfreebrony, Black Gryph0n and Baasik, JoinedTheHerd with CadetRedShirt, Seventh Element, Nevermourn & TCB, MelodyBrony, Francis Vace, and more!

All proceeds go to Generations Against Bullying – the Ciderfest charity which aims to reduce childhood bullying through research and education, so be sure to help out if you can!


Slitherkitty – Versus III: Endless Nightmare | Album | Electronic / Soundtrack

In continuation to the previous installments in the album series, Versus and Versus II, Slitherkitty crafted more OC-themed and canon pony-themed tracks, designed as BGM for “versus” battles with all those characters! The Soundtrack inspiration is a delight to hear, and the tracks are quite creative with their progression, and calling back to melodic styles of OST tracks of the past too. With tracks dedicated to Alicorn Trixie, Cozy Glow, Tantabus as a last battle theme, and even Pinkie vocal chopping in the second track of the album, there’s definitely a whole lot to appreciate and explore! Who knows what you may find! Beware of Psycho Lyra and Fury Heart…


Steryotype & Ditherer – Community Service | Album | Hip-Hop

New album full of pony tributes and brony thoughts everypony!! With Steryotype on the beat, Ditherer raps about various lovely topics and character depth of ponies, including Sunburst, Maud Pie, Twilight, LyraBon, Jasmine Leaf, kirins, and more! Always so delightful to see, along a traditional new remix by Steryotype, and this time even some cute freestyle! Check it all out with the individual uploads on YouTube from Ditherer’s channel, and download the album from Ditherer’s Bandcamp!


Viricide Filly – Yet Sightless | Album | Experimental / Dream House

In tandem with This Place Will Never Let Me Leave, Yet Sightless is the mane album and showcase of what Viricde has been up to, that we’ve been excited about for a while. And oh boy, was it worth the wait! Such incredible compositions are blowing us away and that from the start, as Eleanor’s story unfolds in musical form. Check out the full story from the description on Bandcamp! Experimental, refined, creative, and harmonious, the masterpieces are bringing such melodic bliss along the amazing basslines and vocals in pure Viricide Filly style, as we dive in atmospheres from unseen realms!


Bitl, Choruscation & Heartsong – Rising Dawn | Album | Orchestral

In the memory of Stormfall Drizzle, Bitl, Choruscation and Heartsong crafted heartfelt tributes in the way of deep and meaningful Orchestral beauties. The very emotional Stormfall’s Lullaby, Nimbus acting like a perfect requiem, the progressive and melodic masterpiece Stormfall from Heartsong that incidentally yet fittingly calls back to the melody from Skyrim’s main theme, and the collab Sisters Forever that includes quotes of great life advice from Stormfall, are all paying much tribute to our late friend and showing once more the big heart of our community. The album is available on Bandcamp here! Also check out the B-Sides!


Viricide Filly – This Place Will Never Let Me Leave | Album | Experimental / House

Viricide Filly brings around a brand new and brilliantly experimental album named This Place Will Never Let Me Leave. Introduce yourself with the title track, a melodic exposition that shows to you the noisy ambitions and grainy invasions of the album. Stick around for the trance-like air and eerie vocal samples of Face Your Fears, You’ll Disappear and All As Small As You, the sinister, silent, and uncannily ambient finisher On the Other Side of the City, and the crunch of the melodies in Glacia Maxima. Eleanor’s Elegy, acting as my personal favorite on the album, incorporates intricate rhythms and piercingly melodic chords. Industrial influences run strong with this one, especially with the track climbingclimbingclimbingCLIMBING. Such influences make it very reminiscent of witch house. This album also includes a consistent narrative to it, shown by the artist’s description and naming. If you wish for a refreshing interpretation of house music, I’ve no doubt this album will satisfy any of those yearnings.

Editor’s note: Also check out the mane album Yet Sightless!


Forest Rain – The End of the World | Punk Rock

Forest Rain has just put out her second album of the year: a 12 track concept album about an apocalyptic war breaking out in Equestria. It starts out with an eerie spoken word intro featuring the voice of actor Reagan Murdock followed by a dark organ melody along with the voice of a female leader addressing the nation to stay calm before the haunting sound of countless screams can be heard, which is then followed up with the first full track, The Fight. It’s a fast-paced punk rock track coupled with orchestral strings and bells along with Forest’s powerful vocals and amazing guitar work to set the mood for the entire album.

For the first half of the album, the album charges forward relentlessly with uptempo rock tracks with soaring choruses and the occasional guest spot; Borders Fall features guest vocals from Wubcake, Steel Chords and Cyril the Wolf to add character and freshen things up some, and We Stand features Whirlwind, performing live drums. The album’s halfway point – The War – brings things down quite a notch in intensity, turning somber as if to represent the dystopian aftermath of Equestria after the war. Following this track is Beacon in the Dark, one of the more unexpected tracks on the album. It has a more electronic backing, and also showcases Forest rapping with ferocity in each verse.

Overall, this album as a cohesive whole is undeniably excellent and powerful, and tells the story presented with precision. Standout tracks are The Fight, The Battle, We Stand, Beacon in the Dark and In Memoriam, but for the best experience, I highly recommend you listen from beginning to end. The album is fresh off the presses on Bandcamp, and also currently has a limited run of jewelcase CDs, so get them while they’re hot!


Steryotype – Lofi Pon EP | Lo-fi

Our patience has been rewarded, as Steroytype’s debut EP, Lofi Pon EP is finally here! 14 tracks of lo-fi hip hop goodness, with sprinkles of MLP samples and various vintage sounds, such as vinyl noise and old time music. The majority of tracks are less than two minutes long, so nothing here feels like it goes on too long or overstays its welcome. Stand out tracks are JustKeepVibin with its clear hip hop influence coupled with a modified horn sample, and TheyDon’tReallyLikeMe (OhWell) , containing a lovely melody and manipulated guitar samples while keeping the general lo-fi aesthetic. Groovy yet serene, this is a beautiful EP that you can simply sit back and relax to after a long day.