Equestrian Terror Corps – COREQUESTRIA Vol. 1: Ponyville | Compilation Album | Horror Hardcore / Breakcore

(Warning: The following album has strong adult language, and intense horror themes. you have been warned.)

This article was Co-written by Nevermourn and DrakeEmberHeart.

If you’re looking for something really out there, or if you’re feeling adventurous in the realm of the brony music community, then my partner for this article, Nevermourn, and I want to point you to Equestrian Terror Corps’s first compilation album, “COREQUESTRIA Vol 1: Ponyville”. From listening to this Album, it’s very different from a lot of electronic music out there in the fandom. The theme of this album is horror, chaotic and disturbing electronic music that tells the tale of a disorated Ponyville, plagued by these themes. You’ll find hardcore, rawstyle, speedcore, terrorcore, breakcore, Spittercore and even some chiptune! The tracks themselves are full of some of the most interesting productions of music I’ve heard. The use of vocal chops and insanely fast, haunting and eerie-sounding elements are well done. The album will basically brainwash you into listening, as well as give you a sense of the bizarre! One of the most intriguing things is the recurring theme of various moments or episodes from the show and getting them twisted and turned for some of these tracks. It’s worth a listen. Let’s have a look, shall we?

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[P@D] Tripon – Fabulous Costumes | Breaks

Always with the most tasteful influences, Tripon crafted new layers of dark atmospheres and musical bliss with his contribution to P@D Ignite! Displaying dedication not just with the music but with the cover art drawn by himself too, our beloved master of dark DnB also explored new musical ideas making this experience unique, such as the sudden organ that definitely hits me in my weakness! A new masterpiece to savor without moderation! Also check out this update video from Tripon that includes mind-blowing snippets of upcoming songs!


Spikey Wikey – Chants | Breakbeat

Fresh off the presses from Spikey Wikey is Chants, the A-side from the newly released Chants/Nice Things single! Chants does a very good job at creating a unique atmosphere with only a few elements; Fluttershy vocal samples, breakbeat samples, faint synths and a brooding bassline. Her voice is the real star of the show, adding to the track’s ominous atmosphere, particularly when she simply vocalises along with the main melody. Like she says, just give it a chance!


Pinkamena Party – PONY DO ME | Compilation Album | Hardcore

Get ready for another lovely long play release by the notorious Pinkamena Party Crew! Released in celebration of this year’s Hearts and Hooves Day, this avid electronic collage contains 16 hardcore, gabber, and breakcore pieces. Jump right into it with the classic acidic gabber emotion of Dynamite Grizzly’s Genuine Pony Music. For flavors incorporating slightly more complex music theory, check out Pudding Vision by Neu KatalYst and 10 minutes is a long time by Facade of ages. For the addictive syncopations of the amen break along with a couple suggestive remarks, check out Enuna’s semi-serious track named Of Mares and Manchildren. Of course, an album of these stylistic themes wouldn’t be complete without some classic acid techno! For that aspect, listen to acid for twilight sparkle by aimaiiponyshitsu. In this album, Supersaw Hoover also reads a bittersweet goodbye to the Ponydome series in an ominous tone. And finally, Duskfall brings a wonderfully fitting close to the album with his sample-mangling song I WANNA BE WITH U. Once again, the PPC presents an electronic album fit for even the lightest electronic listeners. For the bigger fans of hardcore and breakcore, be careful, you might hurt yourself headbanging! And as always, proceeds from this album go to CLIC Sargent to help children with cancer.


Kryptage – Ballad of the Brony VIP | Breakbeat

After a couple years’ hiatus, Kryptage has returned with a VIP version of 2012’s Ballad of the Brony! With a new coat of paint, the instruments have been remastered to sound better than ever, even trading the original’s vocal chops for samples of Saberspark talking about the fandom and the impact it’s had. With more and more names returning, it’s clear the fandom’s not going anywhere anytime soon!


7th Stive – Skylight | Drum & Bass / Breakbeat

A rich and deep soundscape is awaiting you in this track that definitely is savored best with headphones. The Applejack vocal samples along that Limestone cover art is making me wonder if this wouldn’t be about the events of that episode when Applejack visited the rock farm for Hearth’s Warming and screwed up. The tasty bass and clean beats will keep you grooving that’s for sure!


[P@D] Radiarc – The Void Undying | Breakcore/Hybrid Orchestral

If you haven’t downloaded the new Ponies at Dawn: Eternity compilation album, then you are missing fantastic, powerful tracks like this one! Channeling his own pain and struggles, Radiarc turns that emotion into a dark, overbearing sound signifying “the formless evil that lies within every villain, and its insanity and power from relentless hatred of all living thing”. The harsh instrumentation combined with an intense, chaotic beat and Radiarc’s always skillful symphonic touches makes for an emotional ride!


[PP] PhonicB∞m – Rope Swing to Ponyland | Big Beat / Gabber

PhonicB∞m returns to Pinkamena Party, after his amazing Dark Trap track collab with the harsh noise artist DUMB FABRIC, Diane, Phonic returns to the 7th Pinkamena Party and brings an interesting breakbeat experiment mixing the breaks that takes us to the 90’s raves mixed with the aggressivity of the Gabber genre, an interesting take on the concept given by the Pinkamena Party team – oldschool music genres – 90’s breakbeat music mixed with oldschool Gabber, it’s delicious and I love it!
Glad to see Phonic doing music again! Keep it up! 😀