[P@D] FilledSilhoutte – The Personalities | French House

After some fine French House? FilledSilhoutte’s got you covered. Track 20 from Ponies at Dawn: Eclipse is The Personalities, which is also the final single from his upcoming album Rarity’s Fashion Playlist. The funk in this track is palpable; the samples featured are put to good use behind some bunchy drumlines. The highlights are when those samples are layered in effects and muffled, before building up right back into the action! Sweetness from start to finish. Expect Rarity’s Fashion Playlist to come out on December 18th!


FilledSilhoutte – DAZZLED ’92 | Album | French House / Future Funk

The Girls Are Back In Town! Groove to The Siren Funk as you climb a Social Ladder with much Allure, to find That Magical Sensation of DAZZLED ’92, FilledSilhoutte’s highly anticipated album! It just dropped and it will make you razzle dazzle along the trio of singers, who take us under their spells once more. FilledSilhoutte totally aced this much nostalgic genre, sampling classic songs of old and crafting this whole album of pure bliss taking you straight to the Funk/Disco era when nothing else mattered than getting down saturday night at the Malibu club. There are bonus tracks as well if you download the album from Bandcamp, to extend the journey! Come on, the night is still young! You got the Fever!


Technickel Pony – Pink’s Boutique | Album | Multi-Genre

Please stop by Pink’s Boutique, they have funky tunes! And please savor this new album from Technickel Pony filled with many musical wonders from over the years, awesomely compiled in one stylish album. From Technickel’s awesome and breezy flip on A Kirin Tale, to songs themed and sampling ponies such as Cheerilee, to various remixes sending love to other pony musicians, the album is packed with blissful sounds and will take you in its groove early on! Check it out!


FilledSilhoutte – The Girls Are Back In Town | Future Funk

Ready for the funk? The Girls Are Back In Town is the second single from FilledSilhoutte’s upcoming album DAZZLED ’92, and it’s a certified banger. Centered around the Dazzlings, this piece of history feels like a night-time drive through a neon-lit city. Future Funk has a certain magic that few genres can capture.


Aaron Breeze – Theme Song (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Jazz/Orchestral

The introduction that we’re all so familiar with has never sounded so musically inspiring! Pianist Aaron Breeze has taken the Friendship is Magic theme music and combined it with jazz and gospel influences to create a medley of sounds in celebration of season 9 of My Little Pony. What better way to show homage? This rendition of Daniel Ingram’s timeless song shows such a musical proficiency that it becomes hard to believe it started with improvisation. The piece commences with Breeze’s piano, which serves as the cornerstone of the arrangement, accompanied by the embellishments of strings and woodwinds. An electric bass and subtle strokes on a drum set slowly lead the piece into an outburst of soul and funk sounds. The arrangement ends with one face-melting orchestral chorus, and the sophisticated sound of Aaron’s jazziest playing. These types of creations were what YouTube was made for, check it out!


The Empty Tomb – Canterlot Funk | Future Funk

Need some fandom-based future funk in your life? That’s exactly what Canterlot Funk’s here for. Based around a sample of And The Beat Goes On by The Whispers, the song depicts a futuristic Canterlot, where Rarity plans to set up a boutique somewhere in the bustling city. This track does a great job at taking an old sample and playing around with it to make it sound like it came from the future!


FilledSilhoutte – Allure | Future Funk / French House

Allure is a single from FilledSilhoutte’s upcoming EP DAZZLED ’92, coming out on February 21st. Alluring, dazzling, charming are quite fitting to describe the trio of sirens that inspired this track, which in turn inherits these qualities. Moreover, we could add funky and groovy, for this track is at the intersection of future funk and French house and uses a handful of disco samples. The melody is catchy and the bass is fantastic and often takes the spotlight in a fashion similar to that of the Dazzlings themselves.


[Equinity] FilledSilhouette – Enough of the Magic BS | French House

Never mind the BS, here’s FilledSilhouette! Track 5 from Equinity 02: Catalyst is a groovy French House piece that feels like a throwback to the late 90s. A sample which fades in before being joined by a beat makes up for the bulk of the song and you’re definitely not gonna get this out of your head any time soon. It’s also a track from Filled’s upcoming album, Rarity’s Fashion Playlist, so keep an eye out for when that sees a release!


[P@D] SDreamExplorerS – Funk, I’m Late! (feat. L-Train) | Funk Metal

Oh funk, we’ve got another Ponies at Dawn: Echoes release! The compilation’s 39th track (as well as the 9th track on Ephemeral II: Parallels) sees a collab between SDreamExplorerS and L-Train that combines elements of funk rock and death metal; this track has it all. Groovy and technical basslines, atmospheric leads, brutal drums; just pure funky heaviness. An unstoppable dream team, these two!


FilledSilhoutte – S.A.S.L | French House

Crisp chords, addictive vocal chops, and a catchy bassline. This short funky and fun song exudes an excellent 80s vibe and encapsulates what French House can bring to the table. Always love seeing songs like this come forward and  FilledSillhoutee did an excellent job with this song!