Wandering Artist – Baker’s Shuffle | Soundtrack

Game developers for the popular game, “Pony Town,” have just released a new place to explore: the bakery!  And, of course, with this tasty location comes new music by talented composer, Wandering Artist. Aptly named, “Baker’s Shuffle” recalls the relaxed, old-world pace and ambience of a traditional French bakery.  Accordions and light jazz elements mingle invitingly and encourage the listener to sit back, relax, and enjoy the culinary delights, friendly conversation, and hustle and bustle of a real bakery.  So, whether you’re a long-time resident of Pony Town or a new arrival, a trip to the bakery will bring a musical treat!
This is part of the Pony Town OST update on Bandcamp Pony Town Bakery Update.


Optimistic Neighsayer – Potion Nova Boogie | Boogie-Woogie

(Listen to the Pony Life theme song here)
If you want to hear some “Pony Life” love and get your fix in for some handy piano work? Released by Optimistic Neighsayer backs in 2020, The track featured in the very first race of the revived Dustcar Comp! I may take you a few listens; however, you will find nine different variations of the theme song. No interpretation sounds the same and flows smoothly into one! With some crazy dance-happy jazzy melodies, that honesty will give you a real sense of the type of skills Mr. Neighsayer brings. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Eurobeat Brony – Discord (SeriousDamir Remix) | Lounge

So, everypony, today we’ve got something….. new. Today I bring to you the SeriousDamir elevator remix of Discord. So, let’s get to this one-of-a-kind track! It starts out with classical elevator music that doesn’t even sound similar to the original; it’s only a bit later on that you can hear the original a bit, but the track still keeps the elevator sound to it, and for the drop it sounds very similar to the original but still keeps the new sound. After the drop is finished it once again starts to sound completely different. As we continue on through the song it slowly gets closer to the original again until it returns to the very similar drop, and that’s also where the song ends.

Thanks to thecanderson for proofreading this article.


A State of Sugar – Chocolate | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

The following collaboration article piece on “A State of Sugar: Chocolate” is presented by Horse Music Herald, and is Co-written by DrakeEmberHeart, Luck Rock, NickRomney, Simon the MadhatterBrony and Makenshi. Article proofread and edited by Canatime.

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[Equinity] Steryotype – LasPalmas | Lo-Fi

“Lofi Hip Hop” refers to a genre of music that mashes up traditional hip-hop and jazz elements to create an atmospheric, instrumental soundscape. LoFi Hip Hop is derived from the forgotten genre Instrumental Hip Hop.”

So, I gotta tell ya brony fandom, our music scene is not JUST high energy electronic music or rock! Equinity 3: Breach features a lot of the variety of this music community. You’re probably wondering what Lo-Fi is, right? Well, not a problem! Those that are already familiar with Steryotype’s work will tell you that this genre of music is so silky smooth and so chill. The slick delivery of this song tells you that Starlight and Trixie just want to put on a show with style. The song features some vibing and composed melodies and stylish and glamorous harmonies with a taste of classic beat box style beats. The vocal chops add to the style of this track, which fuses The Roaring 20’s with classic hip-hop. This is just relaxing brony music, so enjoy something different, and also check out Vibeponiez, the home of Streyotype. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Daniel Ingram – Make A Wish (Yanamosuda Arrange) | Jazz / Lounge

Yanamosuda’s arranges of MLP show songs are always so appreciated and I’m happy that we’re getting a new one now! This has got to remind me of Touhou doujin/fan music/arranges of similar genres! Make A Wish now sounds more Lounge-y and classy than ever, and it’s such a bliss!


Toby Macarony – Still Unclear To Me | Smooth Jazz

(Check out Toby’s Album Shenanigans II)

You know purity when you hear it. Pure authentic jazz is something magical. It has the ability to sweep you off your feet or reflect in the moments of truth. Leave it to this man to take one of Twilight Sparkle’s crucial character moments and turn them into something so emotionally deep and smooth.

Toby has a distinct reputation of being one of the most original musicians and frankly unappreciated for this talent for music making in the Brony fandom. That might be up for debate depending on who you talk to, however. He has a reputation of making incredibly unique pieces of music, and this track is right on par with those, or even more special. Incredibly smooth piano and saxophone playing, even jazzy drum beats with a dash of Lo-Fi for the electronic flavor. The manipulation of Twilight’s vocals from “You’ll Play Your Part” into more jazz-styled vocals is stunning. Interestingly enough, the music is purely original, created from the ground up from Toby’s craft. Credit to him for making the vocals flow with it!

The most amazing thing about this track is that even without Twilight’s vocals, this song is still good. All the melodies and magic of jazz music is super smooth and fluid.

Imagine this for a moment. The newly crowned princess of Equestria is standing on her balcony with Spike, and these vocals are going through her head with this glorious melody. It really puts into perspective how important that moment in season 4 was for her character growth. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Yanamosuda – G4G4 (feat. Zephysonas ) | Jazz

No better tag team could there be for this song! Yanamosuda’s expert composition mixed with Zephysonas’ saxophonic brilliance create a beautifully smooth jazz piece! The bass in G4 is incredible with the speed and fluidity of the moving low tones. The saxophone carries the melody with fantastic syncopation, runs, and all-around high-level performance! The drums and piano accentuate the piece well, and make for an incredibly crisp and finely-tuned jazz song!


Replacer – Passing By [VIP] | Chillout

Replacer’s latest outing sees a return to Passing By in the form of a VIP, originally the 68th track from Ponies at Dawn: Echoes. While the core song has remained the same, this VIP version strips down some of the musical elements and has a more refined feeling, especially in some of the piano chords throughout that are played differently and sounding more ominous when combined with the bass. It even has a slightly longer runtime, clocking in at exactly 4 minutes long. While it’s a step in the right direction, that amazing psychedelic feeling hasn’t gone anywhere!


Aaron Breeze – Theme Song (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Jazz/Orchestral

The introduction that we’re all so familiar with has never sounded so musically inspiring! Pianist Aaron Breeze has taken the Friendship is Magic theme music and combined it with jazz and gospel influences to create a medley of sounds in celebration of season 9 of My Little Pony. What better way to show homage? This rendition of Daniel Ingram’s timeless song shows such a musical proficiency that it becomes hard to believe it started with improvisation. The piece commences with Breeze’s piano, which serves as the cornerstone of the arrangement, accompanied by the embellishments of strings and woodwinds. An electric bass and subtle strokes on a drum set slowly lead the piece into an outburst of soul and funk sounds. The arrangement ends with one face-melting orchestral chorus, and the sophisticated sound of Aaron’s jazziest playing. These types of creations were what YouTube was made for, check it out!