Nymund9 – Being a Princess | Electro

Nymund9 give us this phenomenal song that imagines the events before the new MLP Movie, it relates the thoughts, feelings and dreams of Zipp Storm, the princess of Zephir Heights. The song opens with some punchy kicks and a rough lead synth, you can feel all the frustration and emotional weight that comes with being a princess. After that introduction, we get a break, where we can only listen a piano and a small synth arp that builds a bit of tension, some vocal chops from the movie can be heard, and another arp makes its melody through the track, this time, in a higher pitch. Subsequently, the punchy drums and the rough lead make a come back, they return and mix with the other synths. The harmony of the song is incredible, the atmosphere transmits very well that tension of the feelings of the lyrics about Zipp and her questions, her role in society, and that desire to live in a better way, without the need to lie to the ponies. Please hear this truly marvelous tune and give some support to Nymund9!


Vanessa Hudgens – Gonna Be My Day (Koron Korak Remix) | Electro House

And now for something a bit different! For this remix Koron Korak recreates the original melody and then offsets it from the vocals, creating what sounds like a conversation between the singer and the arrangement. The arrangement itself has a really cool vibe to it that channels the warm, summery feeling of the background art. The chorus pumps up the arrangement and introduces a jazzy saxophone melody, an unexpected but awesome choice. It’s definitely the instrumental that drives this song, and the vocals, though left largely unaltered, function more like another instrument. The bridge adds a great chippy synth that soars along with the vocals before the saxophone takes over at the end and steals the show. This is a thorough, thoughtful exploration and reimagining of the original, and the effort is very much appreciated.


[P@D] L-Train – Books And Branches | Electro Swing

L-Train has recently made quite a splash in our community with his recent forays into electro swing, with many fun and colorful releases in this modernization of the swing genre. His newest track, “Books and Branches” comes to us hot off the press, courtesy of the newest Ponies at Dawn compilation album, “Aurora.” Making creative use of Twilight’s vocals from her “Morning in Ponyville” song from the season 3 finale, “Books and Branches” gets us up and moving to an upbeat melody, catchy chorus, bouncy bassline, and epic drum and guitar solos punctuated by lively horns and woodwinds. All in all, I think it’s safe to say that L-Train, this electro swing king has done it again with “Books and Branches” – a vibrant track that’s sure to make you feel that “Everything is certainly fine!”


Kimiko Glenn – Fit Right In (NYMUND9 Remix) | Electro

Today I bring you yet another awesome remix of the G5 movie song “Fit Right in”, this time courtesy of NYMUND9! The track starts out with a fun Electro melody accompanied by muffled vocals from our favorite unicorn herself. Normally the vocals would slowly start to fade in more, but NYMUND9 does things differently, and in a fun bit of variety the vocals suddenly fully set in, and we go full into the song. As the song goes on the melody slowly builds up with more synths and some fun clapping until it changes slightly for Hitch and Sunny’s part. After a bit the melody builds up and we get sort of a semi drop in mainly a change of melody, again something not a lot of tracks do but something that is definitely very enjoyable! After a bit, we get into a clapping build up that once again doesn’t lead to what you would expect but instead leads into a short part where the vocals are muffled again before once again going full send into very fun electro melodies before we end this song just like a unicorn would!
Proofread by theCANderson, big thanks to him!


Steely Hooves – Magic Mayonnaise | Electro

Yep, yep, this is exactly what you think it is, and it is amazing! This is a giant joke track if you haven’t figured it out yet, and the lyrics make that clear as day, but let’s start at the beginning. The track starts out with “Bing Bong” vocal chops and the melody slowly rising up from muffled to full-on pumping. As we get a melody change the amazing vocals by Steely Hooves set in telling of how unicorns once were and how powerless they are now. We get a hilarious chorus all about the four forbidden words, and right after that we get yet another fun bit of melody accompanied by some fun vocal chops and then some instrumental parts. After the wonderfully funny chorus we get straight back into another verse, this time focused on the judgement that ponies are passing because of what the unicorns used to be followed once again by the hilarious chorus. We end this wonderful piece on some more awesome melodies and vocal chops, providing a fun bit of variety from beginning to end!
Proofread by theCANderson, all the thanks to him!


Ken Ashcorp – 20 Percent Cooler (OnlyJustCrazy Remix) | Electro

Well, I certainly didn’t expect this oldschool track to get another remix, but it’s definitely a welcome surprise! OnlyJustCrazy gives this song their very own touch, and the final product is just fantastic! The remix starts out quickly and doesn’t wait long to drop us straight into the vocals, and the early beat is a calmer one that supports the vocals really well. The instrumental builds up bit by bit as the vocals subside for a moment and then come straight back in. After that the beat and melody disappear for a short while only to come back even better! What I also want to mention is that the song uses a bunch of fake build ups that don’t actually lead to drops and give the whole song a really nice feel! We end this fun ride with the entire song slowly fading out.
Proofread by theCANderson, go send him some love!


L-Train – Unicorn Strut | Electro Swing

This song explains how to be a unicorn….in a funky way! L-Train has produced a lot of Electro Swing bangers lately, and this song is no exception! It uses vocal chops from the movie song “Fit Right in”, but it isn’t actually a remix–this is an original piece! The track starts out (as you might have expected) with a gorgeous melody, and then we quickly get the synth bass. As in L-Train’s last song, “Mi Amore”, the synth bass is very present in the track. After a bit of the amazing instrumental we get the first vocals, and at first the bass is the only thing accompanying them before other elements gradually join in. After concluding this part on some more of the amazing instrumental we come to my favourite part of the song: while the beat stays the same, we get a loop of the chops “a unicorn trots” and “our unicorn butts”, as the vocals move from one ear to the other. When they’re in the right ear, you hear “A unicorn trots”, and while they’re in your left ear you hear “our unicorn butts”. This is soon followed by an amazing guitar solo. We end on some more vocal parts followed closely by some more of the lovely instrumental.
This was proofread by theCANderson, big thanks to him!


Sofia Carson – Glowin’ Up (Yellow Tune Remix) | Electro House

After a long wait, the movie kicking off Generation 5 of our favorite series has at last been released.  This new generation features a host of unique equines, inspiring adventures and, of course, plenty of new music.  In this community, MLP releasing new music is basically equivalent to sending out a call to all brony musicians, saying “Hey, remix me! You know you want to!” Brony musicians have enthusiastically answered the call, with remixes popping up left and right, including Yellow Tune’s upbeat remix of Sofia Carson’s/Pipp Petals’ “Glowin’ Up.”  Yellow Tune, also known as 174UDSI, has been producing epic electronic music since the early days of the fandom and is well known for his remixes of both show and fandom songs, as well as production of his own original music and sporting releases on popular fandom labels, such as Ponies at Dawn. This veteran musician has wasted no time in lending his talents to the rapid expansion of MLP G5 music in this remix of the original pop song into an up-tempo dance track that features energetic piano, drums, and synth work coupled with fun melodies.  This remix is sure to get you dancing just as much, and maybe more, than the original. This track will inspire you to put on your dancing shoes for a whole new generation of pony music!

Kimiko Glenn – Fit Right In (Simonat Remix) | Electro

Alright, hehe, I always look forward to remixes of this song. Just from a pure style standpoint, the structure of this track plays with vocals chops little with the placement, especially with Hitch’s to give this bit more charm. Oh, and the slow down of the lyrics and the slow up and down of the buzz of those nodes and melodies, very lovely going with the positive energy of Izzy’s and Sunnies vocals, will have you moving for sure. The critical thing is that this remix builds on the message of this song. You hear the lyrics more profound. The wholesome message of looking past your nose and worldview, discovering the things you hear about others is just that a story. The joys of finding there’s more than meets the eye (yes, I when there, LOL) learning new cultures that are strange to you. Now you add this Electro smooth and groove beat to this song, and it not only becomes fun but downright addictive to not listen to more than once; oh, and the slight change to Izzy’s rap lyric was done well, did not miss a beat! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Snow Swirl – City in the Sky | Future Garage

So do you guys remember the song Dreamy Sky by Snow Swirl? Meet its sister track city in the Sky! Man, you ever really wanted to hear and feel like you’re a Pegasi over the clouded skylines of Cloudsdale. You’ve found the right track here. This very airly and ambiance theme glides right over you. The same could be said in busy skies over Zephyr heights in G5! it fits the same theme. Just close you’re eyes and feel these melodies in your wings as you can feel the other Pegasi around you, flying and these soft keyboard tones with the breath of Sky with this slight mythical hum to the baseline. You think the energy of both cities in G4 and G5 is hustling along, with a taste of ethereal as it is heavily in the Sky above. It’s a beautiful, even freeing experience as I believe you had intended it to be Snow Swirl! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.