[VibePoniez] BlueBrony – Darling | Lo-Fi

Oh man oh, if you haven’t listened to VibePoniez: Overcast…dudes and ladies (especially those of you who are Rarity fans), you are missing out on a track that is frankly the definition of really good Lo-fi hip hop. It’s so beautiful, darling! This track has this sick and stylish boom and bap to it, but this is Rarity we are talking about, and the song channels the energy of her favorite stylish sleuth “Shadow Spade!” Oh baby, does this song just throw down the style big time! We have Rarity’s vocal chops mixed into this melody that’s composed of fabulous violin melodies and these sparkling gems and chimes that bring more flair to the track. The lo-fi itself even fits into rarity’s detective role. Classic noir is stylish but dark and dirty, and you can’t be scared to get your perfectly manicured hooves dirty in the face of ponies being shifty and dishonest! Everything about this track is such an outstanding representation of Rarity’s character and it’s one of highlights of the album. I have to tell you, you feel like you are there with the gorgeous mare sipping on some red wine and enjoying listening to her tell you about her many cases! Make no mistake, Rarity is a classy and powerful lady that we bronies know can handle herself. This track sure delivers that message in a way only Rarity can. BlueBrony, thank you for making such a great tribute to Rarity! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself, but this track is the essence of elegance. Believe that, darling.


Bridull – Cold Brew Coffee | Album | Lo-fi / Chillout

This might seem like an odd suggestion for such a subdued album, but you might want to turn the volume up a little on this one, because it would be a shame to miss any parts of the delicate arrangements on these tracks! This lo-fi/chillout offering follows Applejack as she works her way through a substantial lineup of caffeinated beverages. Bridull (a.k.a. Noizzer) uses a wide array of samples that were created by a group that’s listed in the Bandcamp credits, which I love. It’s apparent from the album’s art and the concern of the barista in the Bandcamp description that Applejack is a little worse for wear, and the introspective nature of these songs certainly reflects that. Let’s take a look at what she’s drinking and hope that she works through whatever is wrong soon!

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Tw3Lv3 – Just You and Me | Lo-fi

Just You and Me, and ponies… Let us get overwhelmed by the cuteness and wholesomeness of this new track by Tw3Lv3, with such a cute and tender instrmental full of Equestrian vibes, matching the cover art to perfection! This is so MLP-like and innocent, I love it so much!


anon – M O O N D O O M E R | Lo-fi

Straight from the /mlp/ board and brought to you on YouTube, this Lo-fi tribute to Moondancer made by our anon friend is focusing on emotion, with quite emotional melodies and vocal samples of the mare from that episode that express raw frustration and hurt. Thank Twilight it all got fixed in the end! If I left anypony hanging in the past, feel free to let me know as well!


Tw3Lv3 – A Good Friend Is All You Need | Lo-fi

Let’s herald Tw3Lv3’s triumphant return after troubles with YouTube! Back in full force and more motivated than ever, the master of Lo-fi in the community is presenting us a chill and heart-warming piece that embodies the feelings of relief and Friendship to perfection. Indeed, it came from the heart!


Voltex Pixel – Assignments | Lo-fi

Oh, this is different! Voltex Pixel, putting out some Lo-Fi. Let’s do this! Oh, this track is so adorkable and so smooth, and you just can’t help but die from the artwork of Twilight Sparkle! The beat and melody sounds like a mix of smooth R&B with how the beat flows along with the vibing cool vocal chops in the background. Mixed in is the melody which is so cute and wondrous! You can say the Big Princess Twilight is looking back at her time as a student and smiling at the good times! Lo-Fi and Bookhorse! So relaxing! As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[VibePoniez] CAPT (Notion Pova) – i miss everypony (Cookie) | Lo-Fi

When I found out CAPT over at Equestria Terror Corps made it on this album, I was pretty happy for him. Making it onto his first compilation album VibePoniez: Homework. The track centers around the Pony Life episode: ” I, Cookie”, where Pinkie is alone and getting pretty creative about keeping herself entertained.

The music itself is this dreamy and kinda eerie sounding lo-fi beat, and it kinda fits because of what Pinkie is dealing with in that episode: animated cookies of her friends! The Lo-Fi flow and beat is very unique in the sense that with it, there is this flavor of insanity as if you listen close to all the vocal chops used. It’s pretty nice for the theme of this track. No wonder this track made it on the album. Give CAPT some love for trying something new! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

Vylet Pony – Cozy Pone | Lo-fi Hip-Hop

Vylet Pony’s new track “Cozy Pone” is nothing short of spectacular and invitingly comfortable, let yourself be carried away by the smooth chords, hypnotic hip hop drums and ukulele solo part that plays from time to time in the piece. The video of this song is also animated by no one other than the Vylet Pony, which turned out great and it all together gives it a spectacular and harmonious air, but I already talked too much, just relax and remember the good times, let yourself go home, to the times where everything was a little bit simpler…


Koron Korak – Twilight Really Loves to Chill | Lo-fi

Koron’s latest venture into Lo-fi makes it sounds like he’s been doing this for his whole life! The atmosphere and soothing sounds are just perfect for the genre, and of course the song is also full of Twilight’s irresistible cuteness, with those vocal samples of her that were an awesome idea!


[Equinity] Steryotype – LasPalmas | Lo-Fi

“Lofi Hip Hop” refers to a genre of music that mashes up traditional hip-hop and jazz elements to create an atmospheric, instrumental soundscape. LoFi Hip Hop is derived from the forgotten genre Instrumental Hip Hop.”

So, I gotta tell ya brony fandom, our music scene is not JUST high energy electronic music or rock! Equinity 3: Breach features a lot of the variety of this music community. You’re probably wondering what Lo-Fi is, right? Well, not a problem! Those that are already familiar with Steryotype’s work will tell you that this genre of music is so silky smooth and so chill. The slick delivery of this song tells you that Starlight and Trixie just want to put on a show with style. The song features some vibing and composed melodies and stylish and glamorous harmonies with a taste of classic beat box style beats. The vocal chops add to the style of this track, which fuses The Roaring 20’s with classic hip-hop. This is just relaxing brony music, so enjoy something different, and also check out Vibeponiez, the home of Streyotype. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.