Sleepy toaster – We’re going home | Glitch/Industrial

This piece of music is a chilling and a bittersweet reminder of just sometimes you don’t need words for a message. Sleepy Toaster’s piece heavily reminds me of why I love atmospheric music. It’s not just pony music that could be used in a grimdark or Fallout Equestria setting. But this music could be used to set the tone for anything you want to give an unsettling feel too. Or a mysterious vibe to as well. Its has this dark music box tone, birds chirping and static radio sounds with this slow clockwork-like melody that slowly creeps up your spine. Not bad! As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

Note: Since the original video got deleted, you may find the MP3 file of the song here.


Evgeniy Doctor – Shards Of Memory EP | Various Genres

A new stunning and complete experience from Evgeniy Doctor, this 4-tracks EP is quite heartfelt as it is a tribute to the impending closing of FiM (but remember, not of MLP nor the community!). Of various genres, the tracks made with love are expressing much emotion, from the Ambient Magia Ex that builds the epic experience to come, to the Psytrance Last Minutes that is almost 8 minutes long, to the deep Voices Of The Past that is a collab with One Track Mind, to a powerful Orchestral finale in Time To Become Infinite. Both very impressive and conveying much feelings, this whole EP is a masterpiece!
Shards Of Memory EP is available from both Bandcamp and Mediafire!


Tw3Lv3 – Starlight’s Dream | Lo-fi

Tw3Lv3’s latest piece is of pure beauty, reminding of other beat-driven atmospheric chill pieces such as Hay Tea’s. What’s more, it’s sampling that certain scene with Luna appearing in Starlight’s Dream, and it’s so perfectly integrated into the mix, making for a new experience of the scene, empowered by the music! Also check out Tw3Lv3’s other recent piece, Long Live The King!


[Equinity] Cynifree – Kodama | Ambient House

I want you to picture something in your mind, as you hear the start of this. Rainbow Dash has been challenged to a fight by Lightning Dust. They both see each other in the distance as they fly at each other over the skies of Cloudsale. That’s the first 36 seconds of this song goes before the mood changes before both Pegasi are duking it out in an epic duel. There’s just enough intensity going in and out to give this song this epic dueling music with such an emotional atmosphere. It’s fitting that my colleague Cynifree is basing this off the real Japanese Kirin lore. I invite you to listen for yourself, As always judge for yourself and see if what this Dragon Pony says it true. It only the first track of the Equinity 01: Stellar album. Not a bad start!


[Out Of Limit 4] Viricide Filly – Seconds Into Centuries, I Let My Hair Grow | Downtempo / Experimental

From’s hottest compilation to date, Viricide has submitted their prowess for plucky, glitchy ambiances with this track. This one is not for the weak of heart! Soothing, yet harsh; loose, yet constricted. The passage of time is a complex one and this track is full of little intricacies and design choices that really showcase what is all about! Don’t forget to check out the rest of Out of Limit 4: The Philosophy of Time for more abstract and interesting songs, trust me, its really worth the time!


Hay Tea & Age Of Vinyl – Downpour | Liquid Drum & Bass

Hay Tea and Age Of Vinyl are at it again! Downpour has an incredible outpouring of emotion right from the get go and the balance of energy and weight is astounding! The subtle vibrance and ambiances that support this track have such a deep and profound sound to them and the whole song with its meticulous melodies and whimsical harmonies flow like water. This power duo never disappoints and its always a journey seeing what comes next!


Toby Macarony – Sometimes I’m Scared | Alternate Electronic / Dark Ambient

What might just be my new favorite dark experiment from Toby, Sometimes I’m Scared is named after an aptly chosen lyric from A Changeling Can Change, sampling that song and turning its vocals into mysterious, spooky yet emotional sounds. The very Ambient-like instrumental, amazingly completed by a Funk-like backup, is doing wonders at creating a stunning experience, and I wish more dark experiments like these were being made in the community because it sure sounds so unique and emotional. A real masterpiece and culmination among Toby’s dark musical experiments, in my opinion!


[Out Of Limit 4] Nevermourn – Effigy | Ambient

The new entry in‘s main compilation album series “Out Of Limit” is coming, releasing on June 18th along a live release party at’s Discord server! A fine taster from the album, this incredible Ambient piece from Nevermourn is so stunning, and showcases so well the emotion and charms of the genre, with a masterful use of synths that deeply move your soul for an experience like none other. It feels like you could drift in bliss forever while listening to this! Definitely a shining success, and there will be lots more to appreciate on “Out of Limit 4: The Philosophy of Time”! Follow’s Twitter for updates!


Saphire Systrine – Starlight | Chillout / Soundtrack

A piece that would fit well in the score of some epic movie or perhaps as the main menu BGM of some game, Starlight is an intricate yet fluffy theme that accompanies that cute artwork of Starlight and Trixie in a beautiful and refined way, and you can’t help but wonder what other creative endeavors Saphire Systrine will have in store for us in the future!


Complete Disregard for Pony Life – Paino | Noise

Pinkamena Party and comrade and experimental music wonderpony, DAϟH has got more than one trick under his sleeve, and he’s showcasing his newest Noise adventure from the new Mixit Challenge album! As dark as you could wish, the track provides an intricate trip into unknown territories, taking you in for a unique experience that makes the charm of Noise done well. Like a dark and gritty Ambient, it immerses you in an alternate musical realm that is both eerie and beautiful!